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...........Our development team offers the opportunity to maximize the potential of your site and give prospective users a lively, engaging and informative experience in browsing your site. The development focuses on meeting the expectation of the customer. We conceptualize the color scheme, lay-out, navigation, graphics and the general appearance of your site. Iconnect provides three free graphics that will be used by the client such as logo and the likes. Clients can then provide suggestions to customize the site in accordance to their requirements and needs.
We provide two options in our website development:

In this plan, you can maximize your site to its
full potential. For only

> Php 70,000, your site
can have the capability to manage large amount of
data that can be constantly changed by the owner,
search for data, let the visitors interact with the
data within the site and
many more data manipulation.

you will enjoy
a unique site with

> Php 25,000,
> 20 pages. ...

You can have your own
> 10 pages website
> for only 15,000.

You will enjoy a spectacular site with whooping
> 40 web-pages
> for only 40,000.

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...a. Static website- A website in which the content is fixed when it is initially produced. A static website is advantageous in the sense that it’s cheap and quick to get set-up. The design of the site will be based on you or your company’s prerogative. In every plan under static site development, you will be availing free graphics such as company logo or a flash. Scan our plans for the static website development:
b. Dynamic website- A dynamic website uses programming in addition to the lay-out to allow not only the flow of data in and out of the site but to make meaningful relationships with the data. Dynamic websites offer interactive elements to the users to give them better services. Just like the static website development, there are also three plans under dynamic website development.

If the content of your website is small in quantity
but it needs to be
interactive in nature, this
plan is for you.

/> 30,000 pesos.......
> 10 pages website
that is capable of managing your data and constantly changing it.

If you have a
large amount of
data that are in
need of constant
change and let the
visitors interact with
this data, this plan
suits you for only

> Php50,000.